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We offer the COVID-19 antigen rapid test with the corresponding information on our website and the manual enclosed in the package.

This test should be performed by medically trained professionals. Formex Medical is not responsible for the use or interpretation of the test By using the test you exclude any liability for Formex Medical.

Before the test is taken and you come close to the person to be tested, you have to provide yourself with the required protective equipment. Guidelines can be found on the website of the RIVM (https://lci.rivm.nl/richtlijnen/covid-19). It is important that you protect yourself and the persons to be tested. Also read the guidelines of RIVM.

This test does NOT replace the tests performed by the GGD, but is an aid in the early diagnosis of COVID-19 infections As with all diagnostic tests, this is an aid to the diagnosis made by the professional. Possible infectivity of the persons tested cannot be excluded based on a negative test result, given the specificity of 98.6%. If the test result is negative and clinical symptoms persist, contact your doctor.

Tests cannot be returned