Humanscale QuickStand

Zit of staand werkstation voor de moderne werkplek


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  • The Importance of Movement

    Recent research suggests that sedentary behaviour can lead to significant health problems. But standing all day isnít the answer either, as it can cause discomfort and swelling in the legs and feet. The best way to maintain wellness while working is to alternate between sitting and standing postures, and the QuickStand sit/stand workstation encourages such movement.

    Dynamic design allows the workstation to clamp to any fixed-height work surface.
    Adjustable keyboard platform enables the work surface to move effortlessly to the userís desired height.
    Stable build provides reliability to the user.
    Elegant, clean aesthetic complements any designed environment.
    Available in a number of configurations, including those with dual monitor requirements.
    Able to accommodate nearly any application.
  • •  Cable harness pre-installed for easy plug in and go
    •  Fully integrated cable management
    •  Two USB outlets for keyboard/mouse
    •  460mm platform height adjustment
    •  127mm single/dual monitor display adjustment
    •  Work surface clamp has 150mm of horizontal adjustment
    •  for a 600mm up to 900mm deep surface
    •  Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of a 13mm
    •  up to 70mm thick surface


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