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Only together can we get corona under control

This sentence from our government sums up the current situation perfectly as far as we are concerned. Healthcare is under pressure and can really use all the help it can get! So we're doing everything we can to help it get through this crisis in the best possible way. That's why we do things a little differently.

We may be specialised in medical IT hardware, but when the chips are down we're not afraid to look further than the wind. We have a very strong network of suppliers and partners that we can fall back on when our knowledge doesn't fit like a glove. So during this epidemic, you can count on us to provide you with all your corona needs. Whether it's infection prevention, corona testing or working from home.

Infection Prevention

Medical Mouth Caps

3-ply EN14683 TYPE II mouthguard for medical applications.

Isolation masks

Isolation / splash masks for protection against e.g. coughing and sneezing.

Temperature camera

Automatically check visitors for fever and whether they are wearing a mouth mask.

Disinfection robot

The Germinator D90 disinfects rooms with disinfectant and/or UV-light.


Antigen rapid test

Test for active coronavirus infection in only 15 minutes!

Antibodies test

Test if the body has produced antibodies against the coronavirus.

Work at home

Full HD webcam

Make a good impression at all your Zoom, Skype, Webex and Team meetings.

NSLS200 Laptop Stand

Ergonomicize your home office with this height adjustable laptop stand.

NSLS010 Laptop stand

Get an ergonomic workstation anywhere with this foldable laptop stand.

Humanscale QuickStand

Easily switch between standing and sitting work with one desktop stand.

Humanscale M-Series

The desktop arm that allows you to adjust your monitor in all ways.