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Did you know that nursing staff in hospitals spend 25% of their time searching for items? COWs, infusion pumps, wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors. These are a few examples of things that wander throughout the hospital. And when you need them, they are often nowhere to be found. One solution is to buy a lot of these devices. But wouldn't it be a better solution if they could always be found quickly and easily?

We think so, which is why we started a partnership with RePoint. Together we offer the ideal solution: CureTrack. With CureTrack, you have an up-to-date overview of where your things are. Real-time, extremely accurate and without burdening your staff. CureTrack eliminates the weaknesses of other so-called Location Based Services, such as fixed scanning times, high costs and low accuracy. A better system for less money.

A few advantages

  • More efficient use of equipment
  • Locate devices, patients or employees
  • Monitoring on inspection and cleaning of medical equipment
  • Different reports (e.g. equipment occupancy rate)
  • No more searching!


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