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Formex Medical wins European tender UMC Utrecht for at least 320 Zeus Panel PCs.

We are proud to announce that Formex Medical has won the largest European tender project for medical Panel PCs in recent years. The UMC Utrecht has chosen to purchase at least 320 medical Panel PCs from the ultra-modern Onyx ZEUS series.

The choice was made for these panels because of the attractive combination of price and powerful performance. Director Anita Mahtabsing is delighted that Formex has been selected. "We are convinced that with the ZEUS series we have the most innovative medical Panel PC on the market and see the choice of the UMC as a confirmation of this. We are extremely proud that we have emerged as the best provider with our machines."

The UMC is also very pleased that the relationship with Formex Medical will be continued. Since June 2013 more than 320 machines have been delivered.

About the ZEUS Series

The ZEUS series is a new line of medical panels with a stylish design and particularly powerful performance. The models in this series are equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, USB 3.0, multi-touch and up to 16GB working memory.

The completely flat surface, without protruding buttons or edges, makes the panel easy to clean and thus provides an important contribution to the hygiene at the care location. The machines are medical certified and suitable for use in K2/K3 areas.

The large screen of the machines makes them ideal for the use of care applications (e.g. Chipsoft), which can display more essential patient information in one screen. This provides an improved user experience for caregivers and results in higher work efficiency.

The ZEUS series consists of the following models:

Model Description
ZEUS-197S 19-inch, 4:3, Fanless, i7 Dual Core
ZEUS-227S 22", 16:9, Fanless, i7 Dual Core
ZEUS-247S 24-inch, 16:10, Fanless, i7 Dual Core
ZEUS-247H 24-inch, 16:10, i7 Quad Core

About Medical Panel PCs

Eén van de belangrijkste ontwerpkeuzes voor een medische computer is de selectie van de componenten. Vanzelfsprekend zijn de prestaties hierbij belangrijk. Minstens even belangrijk is echter het waarborgen van de continuïteit door componenten met een gegarandeerde lange beschikbaarheid en ondersteuning. Om dit inzichtelijk te krijgen hebben wij de processoren en chipsets van enkele aanbieders voor u op een rij gezet:

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