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IT solutions for Healthcare

The best IT solutions for healthcare. That's Formex Medical in a nutshell. Whether it's a medical PC or setting up a complete nurse call system. We combine our IT knowledge and experience with a passion for care and innovation. After all, healthcare concerns us all, and that's why it gives us immense satisfaction every time we make a contribution.


Few people work in as many different hospitals as we do. We therefore know exactly what is important in specialised areas such as OR, Intensive Care and the Recovery Unit. But we also know how people work in, for example, the Emergency Department and the Central Sterilisation Department. We incorporate all this knowledge in our products, which from the drawing board onwards focus on quality, safety and hygiene. So you can provide the very best patient care.

Nursing care

There are of course essential differences between nursing homes and hospitals. A nursing home requires a different approach, different products and different solutions. But what we see at least as strongly in nursing care is the will and enthusiasm to improve and innovate. And that should be our passion too!

Many care institutions are working together on innovation and we are happy to lend a hand. Take Zorgpartners Midden-Holland for example. Together we completed a wonderful project for the mobile workplace, in which a completely different solution was chosen than they had initially envisaged. Hats off to them for the way they went about it. By involving as many people in the organisation as possible, Zorgpartners not only created a great deal of support and enthusiasm for innovation, but also arrived at a solution that makes the people on the shop floor truly happy. That's what we like to see!