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Linking purchasing systems

Of course, you have more than one supplier. After all, nobody sells everything (although you are welcome to challenge us). Moreover, you want to be able to compare. But more suppliers also means more hassle. They all have their own systems and websites. And do you always know immediately who is the best supplier for you? Wouldn't it be better if you had a complete overview of all your suppliers? And if you could easily place orders from there?

This is exactly what central procurement systems (for example TBLOX and GHX) do. Very convenient, so it is not surprising that many of our customers use them. To get our offer into your system an ICT-coupling has to be built. We have done this many times before, so it's not something our programmers have to worry about. Whatever purchasing system you use, we will be happy to help you make our offer available!

A few advantages

  • Our catalogue directly in your procurement system
  • Always the most recent product offering
  • No more searching on external websites
  • Easily compare products from different suppliers


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