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The best medical ICT solutions of today? You can find them with us. That's great, but it's not enough for us. After all, technology is constantly changing and this happens at a rapid pace. Exciting new technologies are constantly being added. They are the basis for the products of tomorrow. And we are convinced that they will turn healthcare upside down.

In our innovation lab we test these new technologies. Robots, for example. Virtual and Augmented Reality. Or nanotechnology, big data and eHealth solutions. We explore where the opportunities and the boundaries lie. How these new technologies can be used to improve healthcare.

And have we found something? Then we start building a nice product or solution. And then we tinker with it endlessly. Until everyone is happy with it. Who knows, by then it might even find its way to your care facility.

Products that make our lives better start with a curious mind and the will to innovate. In the Formex Innovation Lab, we give free rein to our curiosity and plant our ideas. It's the garden where tomorrow's healthcare will flourish!