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Erasmus MC also chooses medical Panel PCs from Formex Medical!
Through the European tender procedure Medical Safe Workstations, the Erasmus Medical Center has chosen for the purchase of at least 300 Onyx ZEUS panel PCs. In addition, Erasmus MC has also chosen our MedPC

, a powerful medical box PC. Formex Medical will take care of the delivery, service and if needed the installation of the machines. We are proud to have been chosen as the best supplier and are delighted to be part of this great project.

Commercial Director Arno Jankie is delighted and stresses the importance of hospitals going out to tender. We are pleased that, after UMC Utrecht, Erasmus MC has also chosen our panel PCs. As far as we are concerned, it confirms the effectiveness of European tendering: it gives equal opportunities to suppliers and ultimately the best solution for the customer emerges. We therefore hope that more university hospitals will follow this example and opt for a public tender in future projects.

About the Onyx ZEUS

is a medically certified panel PC with a stylish design and powerful performance. It is suitable for use in K2/K3 rooms. The completely flat surface makes the panel easy to clean, which is an important contribution to the hygiene at the care point.

With the Onyx ZEUS machines, we set a new standard in the field of medical panel PCs in 2013. With its innovative features, the ZEUS was received enthusiastically and grew to become the best-selling medical panel PC on the market in a short period of time. Moreover, with the ZEUS-247S

we won the audience award of the Zorg & ICT innovation award! For us, this is an important signal that innovative design is appreciated and a confirmation that our focus on innovation is in line with market requirements.

Het Erasmus Medisch Centrum heeft, als eerste ziekenhuis in de wereld, alle nieuwe Onyx Zeus medische computers met touchscreen voorzien van een screen protector met antibacteriële werking. De producent is Craytech, die de antibacteriële schermfolie onder de naam SaniFilm op de markt brengt.

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