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Medical Displays

Medical Displays

A medical monitor is anything but a normal monitor. There is a lot involved in perfectly displaying a medical image! And not all medical images are the same. Each specialty works with its own type of scans or pictures and is looking for different things in those images. Formex Medical supplies a wide selection of medical displays and has the ideal monitor solution for every medical application. On our website you will find medical displays for surgery, radiology and clinical review. We also supply medical monitors specifically for home radiology, orthopaedics, pathology, ophthalmology and dentistry, among others.

Advantages of medical monitors from Formex Medical

The perfect image quality for every application

The monitors are known for their excellent image quality from any viewing angle. Thanks to features such as even image reproduction across the whole screen, constant brightness and precise brightness distribution, they display medical images sharply and faithfully. In addition, the proprietary quality assurance software of medical monitors ensures consistent image quality. This is how we maintain our lead in quality and technology when developing medical monitor solutions.
Perfect ergonomics for perfect results

With smart solutions, Formex Medical prevents bad posture and tired eyes. For example, the extremely versatile monitor brackets offer great comfort: they can be adjusted in height, tilted, swivelled and - depending on the model - rotated by 90° to suit the individual needs of the user. The effective anti-reflection coating of the screen surface also helps the eyes stay sharp for longer.
A worthwhile investment

For practically all medical monitors, some brands offer an extra long five-year warranty, including an on-site exchange service. This means optimum investment guarantee and minimum cost of ownership. Even with a higher purchase price, the investment and operating costs of a Formex Medical display are actually lower, because the lifetime is considerably longer and high reliability is guaranteed. In addition, unique work-and-flow functions ensure optimal efficiency when performing diagnostics. And built-in sensors save time, cost and energy during mandatory quality assurance (acceptance and constancy tests, calibrations).
High quality service

We help you choose the right solutions, we offer technical support (before and after sales) and a warranty service with short response times. And if you are still not convinced: request a test installation so you can try out the product of your choice directly on your shop floor. Formex medical's outstanding product quality and innovative service concept sets new standards and responds to the trend towards longer depreciation periods. This provides security you can rely on.

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