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Flexible and mobile workplace

Medical carts are often very advanced, which is nice. But not always, because advanced also means expensive. And heavy. And is all that technology needed everywhere? We don't think so, which is why we have a stylish and affordable alternative in the CIMmed carts. Especially for those places where a simple cart will do.

The CIMmed cart in the base is simple but the possibilities are endless. It is in fact a cart that you design yourself with the numerous accessories. With a laptop or Onyx Venus, the CIMmed cart is a simple, light COW that takes up little space. Keyboard, blood pressure monitor or needle bucket? It can all be easily attached to the cart. Our staff will be pleased to tell you what is possible. And are you looking for an accessory that does not yet exist? Then we will simply tailor-make it for you. That is our service.


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