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The FS-P3102D series of surgical displays from FSN offers everything needed to present the best possible images to medical professionals.

Display surgical video in crystal clear 4K resolution. This cutting-edge technology has been engineered for medical visualization applications to allow surgeons to see live video images with incredible resolution. FSN’s 31” 4K display features signal input options for HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, 3G-SDI (FS-P3102DS), plus DC out power for smaller components. With a slim, sleek design and a sanitary flushfront glass bezel, these monitors are ideal for showing super-sharp 4K images, and mounting to most OR boom arm systems.

The FSN FS­­-P3102D features

  • 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels), at 60 Hz, in the surgical suite 3GSDI (FS-P3102DS)
  • Bonded front filter for higher brightness and contrast ratio 
  • State-of-the-art surgical visualization, the best possible image Ready, out of the box, for advanced digital OR installations
  • Flush-front glass surface, fast and easy to clean
  • Slim profile and narrow bezel for a streamlined design.

4K Video Ready

Depending on the preferred model, compatible signal/connector types include HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or SDI. Multiple images can be shown together on the same screen, using PIP or PBP. Using optional 3G SDI connections, there are quad screen layout settings which support 2-sample interleave or square division. Multiscreen viewing provides simultaneous reference to different image modalities that may be required during a procedure. 

Designed for Human Interaction

The FS-P3102D series is designed with edgeto-edge protective front glass. This gives the monitor its slim, sleek appearance, and allows for easy cleaning of the monitor’s front surface. There are no recessed areas on the front for unwanted materials to collect, thus improving sanitization practices. Rounded bezel corners help guard against bumping injuries, especially in today’s active operating room environments. A back cable cover is provided with each monitor to manage cords and wires. FSN goes to great lengths to assure that monitor viewing angles remain as high as possible. This means that several clinicians can view the display in the same room without distortion or loss of image quality.

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