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Purekeys Medical Keyboard Full Size

With the Purekeys Full Size Medical Keyboard you enjoy a comfortable typing experience and the optimal hygiene of a completely flat keyboard. The high-quality silicone top layer is very quick and easy to clean with a cloth. When cleaning, you press the special 'cleankey' and the keyboard switches off so you do not type anything while cleaning. This keyboard is ideal for hospitals and dentists.

In addition to the letter area, this full size keyboard has a section for the arrow keys and certain function keys. It also features a separate numeric section for quickly entering numbers and special characters.

  • Durable "scissor type" keys for optimal tactile feedback
  • Plug and Play compatible with any Windows-based PC
  • Silicone cover and print can be cleaned with any standard anti-bacterial liquid, such as alcohol or chlorine solution
  • Clean Key, disables keys during cleaning
  • Fixed angle (The full size (50000100) has a fixed ergonomic working angle of 6º.)
  • This full size Purekeys keyboard is also available in black.

Water and spill resistant
With the thin silicone protection, the keyboards are resistant to disinfectants while the user can type like on a normal keyboard. With one push on the separate 'key lock' the keys can be switched off during cleaning and disinfection. Purekeys medical keyboards are resistant to all known disinfectants like alcohol, peroxides, chlorine solutions etc.

Easy cleaning
Purekeys medical keyboards are easy and quick to disinfect. They are designed for use in environments where there is a risk of contamination via the keyboard. Only if cleaning and disinfection can be done in seconds, in practice this will happen frequently. Therefore Purekeys keyboards have a completely smooth surface without edges or seams which makes disinfecting very quick and easy.



Afmetingen (l x b x h): 14,8 x 45,3 x 3,3 cm
Product gewicht:  910 gram
Kleur:  Wit/Zwart
Toetsenbord indeling:  QWERTY
Taal toetsenbordindeling: US Layout
IP Classificatie: IP66 



Type toetsen:   Scissor toetsen
Numeriek keypad: Ja



Toetsenbordverbinding: USB kabel
Systeemeisen:    USB poort


Overige kenmerken

Fabrieksgarantie termijn:  2 jaar
Type input/output: USB
Voedingstype: USB


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