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Mobile computer and barcode scanner for healthcare

In a short period of time, the smartphone has become indispensable everywhere. But is this device really ideal for healthcare? Honestly, they're just a little too fragile and too hard to clean. But what if you cast the power of the smartphone in a form that doesvetail seamlessly with healthcare? Then you get the Memor 10 Healthcare. Hygienic, reliable and unbreakable.

The Memor 10 is a mobile computer and barcode scanner in one. But more importantly, it is one that you can get away with on the healthcare work floor. Disinfecting, dropping or spilling liquids? No problem. Charging the device is completely wireless, so no contact points that need to be cleaned or can oxidize. The focus on care is even continued in the accessories. Even the interchangeable batteries and wristbands are extra easy to clean!

In a nutshell:
- Robust
- Hygenic
- Wireless charging
- 1D/2D barcode scanner
- Interchangeable battery
- Regular security updates
- Support for 4G

Barcodescanner: 1D/2D
Scherm: 5 inch IPS HD resolutie (720x1280)
OS: Android 8.1 met GMS
Camera: 13 MP
Batterij: 4100 mAh, vervangbaar
Communicatie: Wifi, LTE-A, Bluetooth & NFC
Afmetingen: 15.5 x 7.8 x 1.87 cm
Gewicht: 285g

Valbestending tot 1.5 M

1-slot laadstation
Reinigbare batterijmodule
Reinigbaar polsbandje

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