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Excellent image quality for the smallest details

Thanks to a high resolution of 3 Megapixels (color), a strong contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a stable brightness of up to 1100 cd/m2, the monitor offers excellent picture quality. Even the smallest details are displayed in a differentiated way, independent of the viewing angle from which the monitor is viewed. This is a great advantage when several doctors are viewing the monitor.

Consistent assurance of image quality

The optional EIZO RadiCS image quality assurance software enables comprehensive maintenance and examination of monitors. This software covers all steps, from calibration through transmission and radiation testing to archiving. If you work with multiple monitors, we recommend the use of the RadiNET Pro software. This software controls the calibration of all monitors including data history centrally. This will save you a lot of time and you will have a uniform high image quality for the whole system. The RadiForce GX, RX and MX/MS come with the basic version RadiCS LE as standard.

Diagnose monochrome and color images with just one monitor

The Hybrid Gamma PXL function distinguishes between monochrome and color images. Automatic. Pixel by pixel. This creates a hybrid display on which each pixel is displayed with the optimal tone value. Thus, higher precision and reliability are achieved than with traditional, planar detection methods.

Reduction of blur

LCD panels with high brightness often render images blurrier than the original due to overexposure. EIZO therefore offers a blur reduction function integrated into the monitor hardware. This function ensures that the details that have disappeared in the blurred edges are displayed again in maximum brightness on the monitor.

One billion colors thanks to 13-bit LUT

Color reproduction takes place via a 13-bit Look-Up-Table (LUT). With a DisplayPort connection, up to 10 bits can be displayed. This results in a resolution of up to 1 billion colors. The display curves and detail structures required for diagnosis can therefore be precisely identified.

Even illumination and very pure colors

The monitor impresses with its very pure colors and even illumination. This is ensured by the Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE), which automatically corrects irregularities pixel by pixel. Shades of gray and colors of radiological and other medical images are reproduced correctly on the entire screen. This is indispensable for diagnosis.

Consistent image quality thanks to integrated front sensor

The precise calibration of white point and tonality curve is guaranteed thanks to a front sensor (IFS) integrated into the frame. It measures brightness and gray scales and independently calibrates the monitor according to the DICOM standard. The sensor works automatically without restricting the monitor's field of vision. You spend less time on maintenance and can rely on consistently high image quality.

Point & Focus: Concentrate on the analysis area

The Point & Focus function allows you to select and focus on relevant image areas quickly using the mouse or keyboard. By means of brightness and gray value, surrounding areas are darkened, which makes interesting image areas stand out more.

Switch & Go: one mouse and one keyboard for two systems

If the diagnostic station works with two computer systems, Switch & Go ensures that you only need one set of peripherals. By simply moving the mouse back and forth between the displays, you can operate both computers alternately. This increases efficiency and makes your workplace more organized.

Hide-and-Seek: fast information retrieval

With Hide & Seek, you have reports, patient records and other information quickly and efficiently at your fingertips, without the need for an additional monitor. Simply move the cursor to a corner of the image to display or hide information using picture-in-picture.

Stable image quality thanks to DIN conformity

The display properties, especially brightness and contrast, are suitable for setting up DIN 6868-157-compliant image display systems. The DICOM®-GSDF curve is already precisely set at the factory. This means that the gray values are consistent, which is indispensable for diagnosis.

FDA clearance

The display includes FDA-510(k) clearance for general radiography, but does not support display of mammography images for diagnosis.

Ideal design for the diagnostic environment

The narrow, black front screen bezels are ideal for use in dark environments. This makes it easier for the user to focus on the images. The white screen border on the side of the monitor, in turn, provides a slim and sleek design.

Extended operating time with automatic shutdown

The monitor is equipped with a function for automatically turning off the backlight (Backlight Saver). This extends the operating time. Just like a screensaver, the LEDs are turned off when the monitor is no longer in use.

The Backlight Saver is part of the RadiCS software.

FlexStand: ergonomic stand

The stand allows the monitor to be rotated and tilted, and to be used in landscape and portrait format. The infinitely variable height adjustment starts at the very bottom of the table top. This ensures optimal ergonomics, whether you are standing or sitting in front of the screen. Although the FlexStand base can move as much as it likes, it is always completely stable.

One monitor, many connections

It couldn't be simpler: You can connect most of your end devices such as PCs, laptops or cameras directly to the monitor. Because the monitor is equipped with various interfaces. This makes your daily work easier.

Trouble-free multi-screen solution

Via the signal input and output you can connect several RadiForce monitors with the DisplayPort interface. This allows you to realize multi-screen solutions very easily, without a tangle of cables.

Consistent image quality assurance

The optional EIZO RadiCS image quality assurance software enables comprehensive monitor maintenance and examination. This software covers all steps, from calibration through transmission and radiation testing to archiving. If you work with multiple monitors, we recommend the use of the RadiNET Pro software. This software controls the calibration of all monitors including data history centrally. This saves a lot of time and ensures a uniformly high image quality for the entire system.

Constant brightness during operation

A backlight sensor continuously determines the luminance of the monitor. The advantage: The set and calibrated values are already displayed accurately a few seconds after switching on and remain constant throughout the entire operating period. The sensor is invisibly integrated into the monitor.

Reliable brightness

We at EIZO are convinced of the quality of our products. That is why brightness stability is also covered by the monitor warranty.

For accurate diagnosis: EIZO Graphics Card MED-XN72

The EIZO Graphics Card MED-XN72 optimally supports the features, functions and settings of the RadiForce RX360. It enables accurate reporting and can control multiple monitors simultaneously. EIZO offers technical support and warranty service for the graphics card.

Comfort lighting from EIZO is kind to the eyes

EIZO presents the new RadiLight, a special, user-friendly comfort light for radiologists, who work in dark report rooms. The soft light behind the monitor prevents excessive eye strain, which can normally occur quickly when the eyes constantly switch between light and dark in a dark environment with a light monitor screen.


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